The Stance To Tie The Shoes
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The Stance To Tie The Shoes

The gesture of putting or tying the shoes is done every day and we rarely notice the way we do it. The feet are far from the hands and to approach us many times resort to bad gestures with the back. When we do not have any injuries we will not notice anything bad but it is another factor that can end up hurting our back.

Most people do the same thing as the man who is in the initial photo of the post. This gentleman is sitting on the edge of the bed and is leaning forward to tie his shoes. Well, it is not the most advisable way. In this position increases the pressure on the discs much and we can do damage especially if we remain more time of the due and we rise abruptly. If we do it this way and we do not want to accept one of the proposals that I will make later, at least we must upload correctly. Once we are finished tying our shoes, we should raise the body helping us with our hands on our knees. We must climb the legs with our hands in such a way that we climb the trunk with the strength of the arms, not with the back.

There is another stance that surprised me to see her in the consultation. Sometimes after exploring a patient with back problems on the stretcher, I notice how standing he leans forward and puts on his shoes. The posture would be like the one in the photo below.

The Stance To Tie The ShoesThe stance to tie the shoes

With this posture happens the same as the previous one, increases the disc pressure and, if we take too long to tie the shoes, we can hurt ourselves. Also on the way to get up, if we do with the back is a mistake. The best way to get up is to bend your knees and support your hands on your thighs to help us lift.

Let’s see more advisable ways to put on shoes. Look at the child in the photo below. He climbs his leg over the opposite thigh and manages to tie his shoes while his back is resting on the back of the seat. This would be the ideal way. The detail of having your back supported is important to avoid straining your abs during the process.

The stance to tie the shoes

If we are standing still, we can look for a place where to put the foot in high and tie the shoes. The higher we put the foot, the less strain on the back, although we may be disturbed by the hip. If the foot is far below, it will look a lot like the posture we recommend avoiding.

The stance to tie the shoes

In short, tying your shoes is a daily habit that can be a grain of sand more in the damage to our back. If we think about it and try to do better, we will soon turn it into a healthy routine and prevent one day from causing an injury.

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