Do You Really Want To Change
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Do You Really Want To Change?

How many things we commit to change to be better. And at  first glance the change does not seem complicated, it is easy to be able to change to our taste: change of gesture, of gym, of work, of couple … We all look for, some more than others, between obstacles, mistakes and / or successes … change To another different thing but, without having to spend it … passing over.

It is these true changes, what would be the true change, which would make us coherent in all aspects of our life, which would help us to be proud of ourselves and at the same time to feel better with others?

Now that the week begins may be a good time to analyze everything you feel you could do better and truly commit to that change you want to achieve.

How to do it?

It is usually started to change directly. You stop eating to lose weight, you start to go to the gym because it is what you have more at hand, you lock yourself in the office trying to respect your time and leave on time, etc. But making efforts to change is counterproductive if what you do not do is identify your difficulties, your needs and discover who you really want to be.

For this you need to stop, observe and draw on the change without ceasing to be yourself. As Socrates said “Life unobserved, not examined, is not worth living, because it is not life.”

This week I propose just that; Watch you!!

Observe your needs:

– Do you need to find new partners to share your work breaks, disconnect, and recharge your mind? Do you want authentic connections?

– Would you like to find the support of your family, partner or friends to organize with the children but do not want to disturb?

– Do you need to go out accompanied to play sports because the connection with others supports you when it comes to compel you to take a routine?

Do You Really Want To ChangeWhat do you need?

Observe your resistances:

– Maybe you want to feed yourself better but you continue to eat anything at your work table since you prefer to eat badly to share time with people you do not like

– You may continue to be stressed, but you may prefer not to ask your family, neighbors, or partner for help to better organize activities with your children

– Maybe you know that you would need to join a group of people to start playing sports but you do not want to risk yourself if you are not at their level

By observing your resistances you can begin to put the necessary challenges to face the true change you need. Overcoming these resistances may involve risking you to ask for help, to stop “pleasing” others, to enroll in that course that you never start, etc.

What do you see in yourself that you want to change? Are you ready to discover the true change?

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