Cellulite, Why Are Not All Cellulites The Same?
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Cellulite, Why Are Not All Cellulites The Same?

Many times we enter the pharmacy asking for some specific cosmetic product against cellulite because it is what they have seen advertised on television and do not ask anything else, but are all cellulites are the same?

The answer to this question is that they are not and as such should be treated differently. That to arrive and that someone asks you for a Somatoline and you sell it and that point should not be the right thing to do, unless you already know that the patient is using it, that is what she needs and that works for her.

What questions should we ask at the pharmacy before delivering the medication without a prescription? Before selling any product we should make sure that the person does not have thyroid problems. We can also ask if you are pregnant since there are many products of these that cannot be used if there is pregnancy. For future moms there are special products.

I have already explained what cellulite itself is, for example in this article in which we answered the myths and truths that we need to know about cellulite  or this one in which we saw the best foods that we can eat to help eliminate This disorder.

Cellulite, Why Are Not All Cellulites The Same?Lipozone Cellulite 300 Mg 30 Comp

Eliminates cellulite, water retention and improves circulation

Well, today I would like to give you some small data so that you know what it is that you have and so you can treat it properly. For example, if we pinch the skin of the thighs and feel pain or discomfort will mean that along with cellulite there is water retention so we must treat them together to really be effective…

If pinching does not feel pain that means that it is only fat, without fluid retention. This fat accumulates in the tissues and to eliminate it we will need to lose weight, but there is nothing to do or it is almost invaluable what we can get to eliminate.

Cellulite is a disease that should be treated not only as an aesthetic problem but as a sclerosis and degeneration of subcutaneous fat, which is what it really is.

In any case, in any of the situations mentioned, it always starts with a

Skin microcirculation problem that is why it is so important to reactivate the circulation, massage and exercise. Think that this disorder begins because the blood fails to feed the cells the right way and they deteriorate forming a fibrous tissue that has well defined characteristics. If you look, when there is cellulite the skin is cold, rough, mate … does not that remind you of a lack of circulation? In this case a microcirculation occurs in the sclerotic tissue.

Cellulite Serum 14 Vials

Serum against cellulite Frais Monde

The Frais Monde anti-cellulite serum is an extremely concentrated serum that is giving very good results due to its caffeine, guarana, enriched with carnitine, extract of marapuama and catuaba, rusco, escina and thermal water of répole. The combination of these ingredients make it work both in the case of cellulite with water retention and in those of cellulite that are accumulations of fat alone in the tissues. It is advisable to do the shock treatment with the vials (they are 14 vials, one per day) and then continue to apply some cream like the same house (although there are many on the market) that will effect heat and cold.

Anti- cellulites with cool effect bring freshness and improve circulation, the main problem of the appearance of cellulite. This type of creams is more advisable if the person suffering from this disorder also presents circulation problems such as varicose veins.

As for the products that have heat effect, these can first redden the skin. In fact, they usually do, but this redness goes away quickly. The creams with heat effect are more oriented to the second type of cellulitis of which I have spoken to you, that is to say, that consists only in fat. The heat it does is breaking the fat nodules and increases the basal metabolism. That is, a lipolysis is produced that allows the cells that store this fat, known as adipocytes, to be destroyed.

Another point in favor of these heat-effect creams is that they allow the pores of the skin to open after application and the cream penetrates more than in the case of cold creams. But it is not recommended for people with circulation problems, who should use the ones with cold effect.

One recommendation is to use both creams by applying the cold cream in the morning after having showered and then the effect of heat when we go to bed. The good thing about combining both creams is that we will have the effects of both lipolysis and improved circulation and that increases the results in regards to the elimination of cellulite. If done in this way the body looks more beautiful, reduces cellulite, the skin becomes smoother and firmer and the body is remodeling.

Of course, you have to be very constant, every day apply the cream as indicated by the brand in question and do not skip the application. In addition, we must control what we eat and drink (see article Acid and basic foods that affect cellulite).

You should also keep in mind that anti-cellulite creams should be applied with circular massages and until they have been fully absorbed. Do not complain and be lazy to do it, is to take the custom and then you will leave alone. He thinks that even if it seems silly is one of the keys for the treatment to work.

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