Why Do Our Ears Itch And How Can We Avoid It?
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Why Do Our Ears Itch And How Can We Avoid It?

Often, this desquamation we provoke ourselves by introducing objects into the ear to scratch when we prick or to clean our ears, like the typical cotton swabs.

The consultations of otolaryngologists are full of people who are going to try to find a solution to this problem so annoying and that is also chronically.

The itching of ears is much more frequent and annoying than we can imagine. In fact, it gets so annoying that people end up going to an otolaryngologist to look at them and give them some kind of treatment to end that itch. Also, it must be remembered that it is a type of pathology that always returns because it is chronic. It is a very common eczema called eczema optic.

Why Do Our Ears Itch And How Can We Avoid It?One of the problems that are often accompanied is that people, by trying to relieve the itching at all costs, put in the ear any object that at that moment can calm that feeling and stop scratching. Although at first the person feels more relieved, but those still causes it to inflame more and again itch again. Worse still if it is associated with a type of eczema by atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or even acne. That is why it is important that we do not use anything to scratch or clean our ears and also keep this cleaning in a regular way. It is most advisable to use hearing sprays to avoid damaging the canal.

Keep in mind that getting anything into the ear causes an abrasion, and this causes the skin of the ear canal to be much thinner and flakes, which often causes it to become a chronic problem. Moreover, accumulations of skin and substances that cause infections and fungus in the ear accumulate.

 Usually some of the symptoms they all have is a very strong itch, the area of ​​the duct becomes red and becomes dry and with flaking. Sometimes it can even hurt and ooze pus or blood. All this makes the person who suffers it is uncomfortable and irascible. And it can influence the quality of life and school performance or work because it makes people unable to concentrate and rest bad because they have a hard time falling asleep. Some even end up having episodes of anxiety.

 What is there to do? Maintain a good cleaning of the ears and always carry them well hydrated. The use of essential oils is recommended to maintain a correct hydration of the ear canal, in addition to helping to restore the skin and reduce inflammation. For cleaning we have already commented that the best is the use of special sprays for this area.

It is also important to keep in mind that we should not use sticks to perform hearing cleaning. They are also abrasive and more so in cases of optical eczema.

In severe cases steroids are used, but that must already be diagnosed and prescribed by the doctor. In fact, whenever you have a recurrent ear itch it is advisable to go to a specialist to look at the seriousness of the situation and to give us the appropriate treatment in each case.

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