"Too Much" Sport Is Not Good
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“Too Much” Sport Is Not Good

Doing sport is good but we do not have to get out of line.

Today people are quite aware that they should exercise to stay in shape and improve their health but as it happens many times with everything that is good, people pass and end up damaging their body because they become obsessed with doing sports and are Become addicts.

As you hear, just like people who drink or drink alcohol and are addicted to this type of drugs there are people who become addicted to sports.

It must be said that normally people who reach this extreme of addiction is because they are obsessed with their body in an aesthetic way, not because they want to have an iron health. They are usually people who want to lose weight, tone, catch muscle mass, etc. And what’s more, statistics show that they are young. They are not usually under 16 or over 30. So you have to be careful with this addiction apart from the classic consumer drugs.

How do we know when a person cares in a healthy way or has become an addict?

For the number of times you go to the gym, to run, or to play sports and the intensity with which you do it. Leaving the elite athletes aside, but neither do they indiscriminately play sports and exceed their possibilities.

Another sign is that many of them stop practicing other activities that before they did only because they think of nothing else than exercise and having to go to play sports. For example, people who previously went out with friends to take something or to walk, or who was time with theirs and suddenly stops doing it to go to practice sport, at all times and always with the same excuse without a day of pause.

┬áThat is, if one day they have to abstain from their “training” to do something in particular like going to a wedding, having to go to the doctor, accompanying someone somewhere or whatever they are already nervous, restless, thinking that they are doing something else and they are not training which is what they should be doing.

"Too Much" Sport Is Not GoodThat is the mindset of a sports addict.

In addition, as with any other addiction, they suffer from dependency, tolerance and withdrawal.

Why does it happen? Because at the beginning how endorphins are generated, the person feels good. He also begins to see results in his body that encourage him to follow.

Those two positive combinations become negative when the person happens to have the need to exercise to feel good and without it they feel bad. And every time they need to spend more time in the gym to feel the way they felt at the beginning, as with the other addictions. The exact same thing happens.

The vast majority of times people who fall into this type of addiction are because they have problems with themselves in not accepting themselves as they are or people with low self-esteem. They do not like their body and want to change it at all costs in the gym and that leads them to lose control of themselves and become addicted to the sport without realizing it.

Apart from being an addiction that makes you feel bad at the moment of not being able to carry out it generates many injuries and health problems that must be treated. And it is not easy to get out of it if it is not done with the help of a specialist so if there is someone addicted to the sport it is best that you contact a psychologist to help you detox to avoid health problems.

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