Tips For Choosing A Personal Trainer Correctly

Tips For Choosing A Personal Trainer Correctly

In today’s article we are going to see what aspects we must take into account before choosing a personal trainer and we will do so by answering some questions that will give us all the information necessary to succeed in the election.

 Tips for Choosing a Personal Trainer Correctly

Are they accredited?

If we want to run faster, jump higher and have more strength we should hire an accredited professional. In USA, FEEPYF, the Spanish Federation of Personal Trainers and Fitness is in charge of training and accrediting the skills of personal trainers in the different fitness modalities that exist.

What kind of experience do they have?

Not always the domain of a discipline is necessarily based on having accumulated a great amount of hours of experience; on the contrary, it is about having accumulated hours of “quality”. An experienced personal trainer is one who cares about doing his job well while doing it. In these cases the more hours, the better, but not always so. Some other things we can take into account are the level of fitness, age, health status or any other aspect that we think may be important.

Tips For Choosing A Personal Trainer CorrectlyWhat is your experience in the prevention and treatment of injuries?

Many of us have continued to train with persistent pains or injuries that recur again and again. A personal trainer should be able to identify and plan workouts so that he can continue completing training programs without delving into the injury.

In what types of sports have they specialized?

There is a great variety of disciplines in which our personal trainer has been able to specialize. Depending on our needs and preferences we will choose one or the other. Here you can find the Trends in Fitness and Sport for 2017.

What is the small print: cost and availability?

A great personal trainer is worth his weight in gold. But for many people to decide for a personal trainer or another is more related to the amount of gold they have to pay. We should make an estimate of our budget and what a personal trainer charges per hour. This value will vary depending on availability, preparation and other aspects as if we live in a big city, where they will be more costs.

What is your training style?

When it comes to assessing client-coach compatibility, the personality and style of the personal trainer is critical. First we will take into account our own style of learning and secondly we will consider the personality and character that best fits the way we train. We may need a strict trainer or a trainer to encourage us continuously, etc.

How do you schedule workouts and how do you track progress?

The personal trainer should not only be able to elaborate a personalized training program in function of the objectives that have been raised and of the physical condition with which we initiated said program. It will also help us evaluate the effectiveness of daily training and how it works.

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