Tips To Increase Our Muscle Mass
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Tips To Increase Our Muscle Mass

Performing strength training on a regular basis combined with a nutritious diet can help us increase the size of our muscle mass. The development of this occurs mainly at night, and to see really significant changes we must plan a rigorous training of weights and a very specific diet.

 Tips to increase our muscle mass

The exercises that we can do in the gym to develop our strength and our power are not the same, there are more general exercises that can develop several muscle groups or more specific exercises that will focus on a muscle or a specific area. Here are some tips:

  • Perform the exercises correctly: All of our strength training may be in vain if the technique we use is not correct. Not only because the development of muscles is not as expected, but because we can increase the risk of causing dislocation, a fibrillation or damage to our ligaments. Most machines that are used for weight training provide instructions on how to do each exercise correctly; you can also use a personal trainer to teach us to perform the exercises.
  • Types of exercises: There are basic exercises, which have traditionally been used to strengthen a particular muscle area but do not overindulge in its development, exercises such as squatting, bench press, barking, deadlifts or sitting shoulder presses. Each of them can help us create a foundation for further development with more specific exercises that focus on specific muscle zones. We will optimize the effort using weights that allow us to perform between 6 and 12 repetitions per set, depending on the weight we use, to know if we are using the correct weight, we can have as reference the feeling of exhaustion that we should notice in the last repetition.Tips To Increase Our Muscle Mass
  • Exercise routine: We will avoid repeating the exercise routine each time we perform weight training sessions. While performing the workouts we will try to incorporate different exercises directed at specific muscle groups every day. Varying the exercises allows us to prevent the body from going into stagnation. Some examples of specific exercises are the biceps preacher, leg extension, triceps extension, dumbbell lift, various exercises with dumbbells, etc., core work is essential, strong trunk and abdominal area provide stability and Balance to lift heavier weights.
  • Rest: After an intense session of weight training exercises we should rest for at least 48 hours. Muscle fibers need time to recover and repair after being tested with heavy and intense training. Overweight training with weights can make our muscle mass not fully recover and be more prone to injury. Also, your muscles will not grow properly if you are still recovering from a weight session.
  • Feeding: Eating nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables that provide us with vitamins and minerals will help our muscles get the energy efficiently and efficiently to support training sessions. Avoid foods rich in simple sugars and saturated fats. Remember that you must ingest enough protein so that our muscles can build sturdy structures, keep hydrated by drinking lots of water before, during and after workouts.

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