What the doctor is engaged in sleep problems?

Today, many of us are concerned about the problems with sleep, constant stress at work, travel on public transport and quarrels in the family. All this affects the psyche and health, thereby creating favorable conditions for insomnia. Therefore, if there is such, it is necessary to see a specialist, but one of the doctors involved in sleep problems?

A sleep disorder or sleep specialist should have special training in the diagnosis and follow-up treatment and prevention of people who need medical help. Before you go to the doctor-professional, should try to make yourself in your sleep some amendments on the basis of these recommendations, which we wrote in one of our articles. If even then still have sleep problems remain and it is impossible to sleep for the night without waking, then you must refer to a sleep until the arrears of sleep too much not.

sleep-problemsThe next step is to conduct a sleep diary, which should be conducted for two weeks. So it is necessary to accurately record the hours laying sleep time interval, which is required to fall asleep, wake-up time as myself in the morning feel physical exercise regimen, daily nutrition, diet composition and quantity, medicines, and so on all of which can, as you find help on the sleep doctor to understand the specific problem that you have.

After a few weeks, if no improvement is felt, think about visiting a sleep or neurologist. We recommend that you do not rely solely on prescription sleeping pills. They certainly are very effective, but only for a short time and are particularly useful in acute serious illness and stress, but they are in long-term treatment has a negative effect.

Sleep is a proven remedy against tiring day activity. It was always curative medicine. Sometimes the best medical care in the state of over excitement to not have to do nothing. ” Often, we dream perceive as doing nothing, but during sleep, some parts of the brain are huge work: continue to solve problems and create a solid long-term memory, and so on. Sleep also improves and other important functions of the brain: thinking, learning, planning, creativity, execution of complex tasks and solving problems. Therefore, it is important for restoring restful sleep overall health. If you become a dream to pay due attention, then you will feel better and live longer.

The disease, which is engaged in a sleep physician:

  • sleep disturbance from – for the abuse of alcohol and medication;
  • nightmares, insomnia – symptoms and causes night terrors, nightmares;
  • sleep disorder – sleepwalking, parasomnia, bruxism (grinding of teeth during sleep), the causes of urinary incontinence in a dream, speaking in his sleep, snoring;
  • narcolepsy;
  • sleep and snoring;
  • limb movement disorders, restless leg syndrome, disturbance of the circadian rhythm, an attack of apnea;
  • sleep disorder with eye movement, the effects of oversleeping;
  • an eating disorder, obesity;
  • sleep paralysis.

When it is necessary to contact a sleep:

  • Increased daytime sleepiness;
  • Regular intense nocturnal snoring in combination with diabetes, lung disease and high blood pressure;
  • stop breathing during sleep;
  • dissatisfaction with the quality of sleep – waking up early, frequent awakening during the night, long falling asleep;
  • long-term use of sleeping pills;
  • discomfort in his sleep – tingling in the limbs, crawling “chills”;
  • nightmares, sleepwalking, gnashing of teeth;
  • seizures, seizures, unusual behavior;
  • ischemic heart disease and hypertension, which only occur during sleep.

Tips a sleep

The rules of good sleep:

  • it is necessary to adhere to the recovery mode even on weekends;
  • Try to go to bed only when sleepy appears;
  • if you can not fall asleep within 20 minutes, get up and go do or be quiet. You do not fall asleep outside the bedroom. How did the sleepy, go back to bed. So repeat all night if necessary;
  • Use the bedroom only for sleep, sex life lessons and during illness;
  • Try not to sleep during the day. However, e sleep during the day, then it should be done at one time and not more than an hour to sleep. The most acceptable nap time – 15.00;
  • come up with a daily relaxing ritual of bedtime reading, a light snack, a warm bath and so on;
  • Maintain physical activity. Intense physical activity should be done before bedtime for at least 6 hours, light – 4 hours;
  • save mode of the day: with meals, medications, performing daily duties and so on;
  • Avoid taking large amounts of food before going to bed;
  • Avoid to sleep for at least 6 hours caffeine;
  • when sleepiness is not drink alcohol;
  • Do not smoke before going to sleep at night;
  • conservative attitude to sleeping pills, avoid purpose funds for more than three weeks;
  • sleeping pills should not be taken with alcohol and other drugs.

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