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The effect of smoking on the skin and a figure

Modern women are always and everywhere held in fingers a cigarette, think that if the body is of a cigarette or influence, it looks itself or does not exhibit. However, a professional cosmetologist able to see on the face of the lady consequences of this habit.

Smoking always lead to oxygen starvation and this leads to the appearance of early wrinkles on the face. Studies have shown that every cigarette you smoke in your body reduces the oxygen level of 5%. And if any negative effect is not noticeable at first, then in ten years’ continuous smoking wrinkles become deeper than in women who have not touched cigarettes.

Therefore, smoking is fashionable and beautiful skin – concepts incompatible. The bruises and bags under the eyes, dry skin, early wrinkles, gray skin color – all this did not paint.

Not everyone knows about all the unpleasant and negative moments when smoking. But Health Blog will tell you about it.

effect of smokingAging skin

Exposure to sunlight and bad ecology contribute to aging skin, and together with a cigarette, this process is accelerated even faster. On the face appear so to say “smoker’s lines”, that is, around the eyes appear vertical lines familiar to us as the “crow’s feet”.

It also reduces the elasticity of the skin, blood vessels constrict, decreasing blood flow and loss of collagen impairs the skin’s firmness.

In addition to the external negative impact occurs and external influences on the skin, the heat and the smoke that comes from cigarettes, burn the lips and mouth, which contributes to the risk of cancer.

The rash acne

Tobacco smoke when smoking envelops the face and then on the skin by fighting the harmful microbes there is a layer of greenhouse thereby clogging the pores. And this is all usually leads to acne and pustules on the face. Most often, around the eyes   and around the ears jumps acne. Bole so that the face at the same time expanding the capillaries, leading to the appearance of red streaks, and it is certainly not as a woman does not decorate. Also smoke causes skin dryness.

As showed studies, there is a great relationship between the number of cigarettes smoked and the degree of severity of the symptoms of acne. Statistics show that 10% of non-smoking adults who face the problem of acne and 42% of smokers acne.

Change shape

Today, it is widely believed that the supposedly lost weight by smoking, but this habit actually causes the body to large disturbances, especially hormonal system. This all leads to an imbalance in the figure fat deposits: in fact, some places lose weight, but others with contrary added. Also leads to an imbalance in the endocrine system adverse effect of nicotine.

Discoid lupus erythematosus

When there is a disease in the first place her symptoms on the face and a little less on the back, arms, head and upper chest.

Begin the first signs of the disease with the appearance of the skin pink or bright red spots, later they grow, turning into plaque. These plaques are more likely to notice on the cheeks and nose.

According to studies in smokers this disease is more common in 1.5 raze than non-smokers.

As you can see, the effect of smoking has a negative impact on the skin and figure. So think about your beauty and above all health. It is no wonder they say that health is the mirror of the skin, which in itself reflects the disease.

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