Soybeans from colorectal cancer

Remember, when you recently ate soy products.Someone – some of you even say that he does not have them. But there is good news for those who are fond of soybeans: American scientists have found that soy has one ingredient that fights colon cancer!

SoybeansProfessor of Nutrition Hong Chen of the University of Illinois said: “In the course of our work we have found one important point is that taking soy into effect on the expression of the 3 genes that are actively involved in cell growth. Since the cells that make up the intestinal mucosa, updated every week. This process is controlled by biochemical complex mechanisms, and their damage can lead to tumor growth.”

So scientists have found that contained in the bean plant material – genistein – directly affect one such mechanism, blocking sverhstimuliruyuschee effect on cell proliferation.

This conclusion was based on a number of animal experiments with the use of chemical carcinogens. In this half of the subjects were fed a mixture which has been enriched with genistein. After 13 weeks, the animals are examined for the presence of bowel malignancy. It was then shown that genistein reduces by 40% the incidence of gastrointestinal cancers.

Scientists have also conducted in cell cultures Biochemical tests to find out how this stuff – genistein affects cells in the signaling pathways. It turned out that he is blocking a path called Wnt, and apparently it is this fact causes the anticancer properties of genistein.

Because of the work it became clear once again confirm the fact that the disease of colon cancer involves both time factors from the external environment includes diet . In terms of cancer prevention is very important. Therefore, start to eat soy products, and will then be healthier!

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