shape of eyebrows

How to choose the shape of eyebrows?

Very simple and easy to figure out what the ideal shape of the eyebrows. We only need to stock up on tweezers, cosmetic pencil and look in the mirror. If you draw a horizontal line through the pupil, it must head to divide into two parts.

The vertical line through the forehead, nose, chin should be divided into symmetric face area.

Between the inner corners of the eyes and the wings of the nose should be equal to the distance.

shape of eyebrowsBeginners should head to the brow point, which forms a straight line drawn through the corners of the inner eye and nose wings.

Tail eyebrow should end at the point formed by a straight line drawn through the outer corners of the eyes on the wings of the nose.

A little light manipulation with tweezers and one can get the desired eyebrow line. The main thing, remember that to remove excess hair from the eyebrows to the bottom edge you need and do not touch the upper limit. Although there is even an option in this case, two basic forms: the French and Greek.

French type is characterized in that at the end of the eyebrow is determined as follows: mentally spend a straight line through the outer corner of the eye and the center of the chin.

Greek type has the following rules: mentally draw a direct line to the outer corner of the eye, starting from the end of the nose wing and define the end of the eyebrows.

By changing the shape of the eyebrows have, you can easily adjust the shape of the face, enlarge the eyes and give the person the right expression.

So if the face is round, it is desirable to avoid the horizontal shape of eyebrows and exclude direct, clear-cut lines. In the face of such an organic look to be slightly rounded shape eyebrows, the eyebrows should be hanging point shift closer to the temple. Round face fit well eyebrows raised up and slightly rounded at the end.

Contraindications triangular face and falling in the “house” shaped eyebrows. On the other hand ascending will visually narrow the wide forehead and lower face will add volume. Also not recommended for such direct forms of face.

Well look at the eyebrows square face is not very long, smooth arc shape. Another quite attractive option – high altitude, long and slightly arched shape.

Oblong, elongated face fit straight, horizontal, remote from the nose.

Oval face shapes fit arc.

In order to make your face look younger you need to increase the distance between the eyebrows, and at the same time not reducing their width. It is necessary to give the side temples eyebrows form of fine, thin wings.

To increase the visual eye, you have to paint on eyebrows, making them wide and bulging.

Major features counterbalance the massive, wide eyebrow shape.

The older a woman is, the more accurate and thinner should be her eyebrows arched shape rejuvenates the face, giving it a clear expression. Too long, flowing on the eyelids at the outer corners of the eyebrows give a sad expression, face thereby leaving the impression of unkempt.

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