pregnancy diet

How dangerous during pregnancy diet?

It should be very careful about their nutrition expectant mothers. Trying to reduce the caloric content of their diet and go on a diet is strictly prohibited. That’s what British researchers warn.

During pregnancy, a low-fat diet alters the functioning of the mechanism and the formation of fat cells of the embryo. There are in the fat cells of multiple foci of inflammation – causing the newborn further damaged the mechanism of digestion. After that, already in its first years of life the baby, whose mother was sitting on a diet during pregnancy risks gain extra weight.

pregnancy dietEspecially during pregnancy, poor nutrition modifies the unborn newborn “fat” gene is the FTO, defining the child’s predisposition to obesity. At the same time it increases the risk of obesity as scientists warn of 30%.

British doctors have previously established that inadequate caloric food expectant mothers can increase the unborn child cholesterol in the blood , leading to the fact that, while still in the womb of his vessel walls thicken. And it threatens him in the future development of atherosclerosis, a disease that is very dangerous, in which are formed on the walls of blood vessels cholesterol plaques, they even slow the blood flow. Atherosclerosis in severe cases leads to heart attacks and even death.

The researchers concluded this after measured in 200 children whose mothers attended during pregnancy in Nutrition Research, the thickness of the carotid sheath. They found that the magnitude of these children is much greater than in those whose mothers ate during pregnancy correctly.

Scientists commenting on the results of their research, it is not advised to the future of pregnant mothers “for two to eat,” but only emphasize that their diet should be balanced and rich in vitamins, minerals, micro – and macrocells, which are so essential to the baby developed normally. Throughout pregnancy caloric intake should be increased gradually reaching thus a day 2.5 thousand calories in the last three months.

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