Alopecia – Causes of hair loss

The medical term “Alopecia” – refers to hair loss. In general – that alopecia is not a – a special form of hair loss, alopecia refers to any type of hair loss. If we translate the word “alopecia” from it literally – mange in foxes.

In addition to alopecia, hair loss occurs only when certain areas of the head, which before had been covered with hair, there is also hypotrichosis – this initial lack of hair.

AlopeciaHair loss can be caused by many problems related to health, which is reflected in the form of specific diagnoses. Sometimes the diagnosis of alopecia appear terms such as scarring alopecia, alopecia areata, and sometimes they do not, then it is called so – telogen hair loss.

Hair loss is caused by different factors, from genetic problems and to taking medication. Androgenetic alopecia (AGA for short) is the most common, but not the only form. Baldness in both sexes – is the primary symptom of several hundred diseases.

Here are the most common forms of such neandrogennye: telogen hair loss, ringworm, scar and alopecia areata, hair loss from – an overabundance of cosmetics. Observed less form of alopecia is quite difficult to diagnose. People with alopecia areata have to type Obscure sometimes visiting the set of consultations with all professionals and wait for a very long time, up to several months, and sometimes years, until there is a dermatologist for their illness and substitute the correct diagnosis. Especially considering that it is very rare these diseases, scientists have little motivation to investigate these rare forms of alopecia, not to mention the fact, to develop ways to treat the disease.

There are very few professionals who are engaged in research of hair biology and their problems, including androgenetic alopecia. About twenty years ago, around the world employed approximately 100 scholars in this field of medicine. Of course, in recent years, given that the problem of baldness has increased, the number of researchers in the hair five times increased. Of course, this is not enough number of specialists for a full study of rare forms of the disease. In principle we can and we must accept this step with joy, it is always encouraged by the fact that another unknown disease of the hair will be opened.

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