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6 ways to control the portions of food

For those who want to lose weight and limit themselves in the abundance of the range of products you need to just try to eat smaller portions of food. Health Blog gives you a few tips on how to achieve this.

So. Norma portions of food!


The daily recommended serving of egg consumption – a single egg or chicken five quail eggs.

portions of foodFish and meat

Fish, poultry, meat, any (beef, pork, etc.) During the day for the whole meal is recommended to eat 200g.

Flour and cereals

Typically, one serving of cooked oatmeal – a 250gr. It is recommended per day to eat two servings of buckwheat, barley, oatmeal tonnes of other cereals, except rice. The day portion of rice porridge to be 100g.

The rate on the day of bakery products – 3 servings. That is, one portion should be 1 cm thick and the size of a business card, one pancake, one cupcake. Six small crackers, and so on.


Normally a day to eat two servings of dairy products. And for a separate category of people (teenagers, children, nursing mothers and pregnant women) – three servings. So, for example, one serving is: a glass of milk, a quarter cup of cottage cheese, “carrot” small cheese and so on. Moreover, all the products must be low-fat or medium.

How to control serving sizes?

It is not difficult to control their food portions. There are many ways, such as for example here:

To drink less alcohol, soda, cocktails and so on need to pour the liquid in the narrow tall glasses. Man, as a rule, do not always appreciate the volume of the container, and its height. Therefore, these cups and glasses will help to drink less.

Should eat a small spoon. For example, dessert spoons, but only the main meals and at home. Such is the principle podcherpnuli / pinned – ate. Put the unit after 30 seconds again podcherpnuli / pinned / eaten / we put it. And so the whole meal.

Do not buy small boxes with the same small candies, cookies or bars. This is only an illusion that eat fewer sweets, the opposite is true – more. Also, do not keep sweets in a prominent place, preferably in the refrigerator for the first time ranks expose useful products.

Throw a habit to eat up to the end of the packet as the type of chips and crackers, and generally do not need any of the packages and bags there. You can put all the portions on the plate, and the residue pack to another time.

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