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6 simple ways to trick appetite

Some in order to suppress their appetite at times have to resort to various tricks from all sorts of dubious drugs and to operations. But in the meantime there are a lot of very simple and innovative ways to suppress hunger. Health Blog offers six fairly simple techniques, how to cheat appetite, and if every day use at least one of them can be kept under lock and key “terrible beast” – hunger.

Just add water

Often, we confuse the feeling of hunger with thirst normal, because the centers of these sensations in our brain are located nearby. So just drink a glass of water in small sips to room temperature and 15 minutes – 20 Wait.

What helped? That’s good! No? What then try other methods!

trick appetiteLook in the bathroom

A very simple way to quench your thirst with hunger – brush your teeth. Select this “fusion” mint paste, after it will not want to eat and generally even the most super tasty product will seem disgusting. And even brushing and tongue, your appetite will be gone for a long time!

Go into the bedroom

You know the saying: “Do you want to work, go to sleep and pass!” The same can be said about the famine. Frequently immoderate appetite observed in those who simply do not have enough rest, at least 8 hours of sleep a good night or even take a nap during the day. Try to sleep half an hour, “fast” dream cheer, as well as deliver on obsessive thoughts about food.

You woke up, but the food is still in your thoughts tormented? Come on then!

We call her mother, a loved one, friend …

We sometimes confuse hunger with true emotional need.

True hunger – start to open the refrigerator and do not care what you eat. Although the tomato, though a piece of bacon. But the emotional hunger – when sitting in the middle of the kitchen, you start to dream: “I want” Bear in the north “, as that sweet, that Misha gave me a pie or that we in Peter Lenka ate in the 10 – th grade …”

If you need emotional caught up, ran for the phone and talk for an hour – no different to anyone either.

Getting to eat … nose

There are plenty of flavors that can easily reduce appetite: banana, apple green, rose, lavender, juniper, pine, cypress and any citrus. Pleasant aroma and are basil, anise, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, laurel, coriander, marjoram, rosemary, walnut nutmeg, thyme and celery. So buy in the pharmacy bottle of your favorite aromasla and carry, and before meals for 10 minutes inhale its fragrance in both nostrils.

Did not impress? Then we go to the fridge!

Choosing the right foods

Probably everyone knows that the fruits of the set content of the air, water and fiber give a feeling of satiety. Scientists are advised to choose the apples. After their use in the body begins to produce hormones of GLP – 1, it sends signals to the brain that make us think that we already ate. If you eat one medium apple before the main meal, then reduced the volume of food.

The same effect is produced by red pepper. It is enough to take 0.5ch.l. ground pepper to food to cope with an appetite. Here the secret is hidden in the capsaicin, which gives the sharpness of pepper. So you reduce the feeling of hunger and recharge your batteries.

On the effect of green tea has long been the researchers said. It has catechins that makes a substance to burn calories more. Drinking five cups of this tea a day can speed up the power consumption up to 40%. Especially since it has a number of antioxidants that affect leptin, the hormone responsible for appetite.

Eggs contain extremely high quality protein. It helps control your hunger. Breakfast is eaten scrambled eggs from two eggs to help absorb fewer calories throughout the day.

Important to remember

Those who advises – “pozhuy gum mint without sugar,” nothing good you do not advise. In general, on an empty stomach can not chew gum, because the body will produce hydrochloric acid, which will start from – the fact that there is no real food in the stomach, to digest its mucosa. Especially since the Mint has the unpleasant property to relax the pylorus and then the same acid begins to flow into the esophagus, and digesting the mucous membranes. Before gastritis is not far away! But if you want something sweet after dinner, chew the cud, does not hurt!

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