autumn tea recipes

5 best autumn tea recipes

Now that every day in the street is getting colder and the hot cup of tea will warm you. But how exactly this drink will get you to choose their own taste.

Health Blog wants to share with you the five best recipes of tea in the autumn, and that the mood to smoke, and warm, and health support in tone.

Ginger tea

This beverage has tonic properties. Tea made from ginger returns clarity of thought that is why it is especially useful for those who have a creative profession and intellectual work.

autumn tea recipesGinger root helps blood thinners, Eastern healers believe that it is a means for the prevention of tumors. Also, tea from ginger has beneficial effect on the skin and aids in digestion.

For the prevention of SARS hot ginger tea with lemon is the best remedy.

Cooking method:

Grate the ginger root – 3st.l. In boiling water (1 liter), to fill the grated ginger, boil for a few minutes. Strain, add 3st.l. honey, a pinch of black pepper, mint leaves and a sliced ​​lemon. Drink hot tea.

Tea buckthorn

Since ancient times it is known that sea buckthorn – a storehouse of vitamins. It turns out that vitamin C twice more than citrus. The sea buckthorn has other beneficial vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, which are responsible for the young and healthy looking skin.

The best antidepressant in the autumn – winter – it buckthorn tea with honey. Seabuckthorn and possesses strong anti-inflammatory action. And indeed it is very tasty.

Ingredients: sea buckthorn – 150 grams, black tea – 2st.l., honey – 2st.l., water – 0.5 liters..

Cooking method:

Clean sea buckthorn, 2 \ 3 it is necessary to suppress a spoon to create mashed. Take a kettle, put it in the resulting sea-buckthorn puree, fruit residue and black tea. All pour boiling water, leave for 10 minutes. You can drink with honey. Incidentally beverage may be prepared without black tea.

Mint tea with cinnamon

In the world of mint tea is a versatile drink. It is drunk both hot and cold. At breakfast it will give cheerfulness, at lunchtime to help with digestion, it is good to relax before bedtime.

Ingredients: clove – 4 pcs .; cinnamon – 1 stick, leaf black tea – 3ch.l., lime – 1pc, brown sugar -. 1pc, dried ginger, lemon peel and orange, a bunch of mint, water -. 0.5 liters.

Cooking method:

The kettle throw mint and pestle, mash it, add the zest of citrus, cloves, cinnamon, sliced ​​lime, ginger, leaf tea and sugar. Pour the boiling water, to insist.

Tea from the hips

Rosehip is very rich in tannins and vitamin C, which positively affects digestion. Dogrose tea with honey helps reduce excess cholesterol in the body. It is also an excellent means of supporting immunity.

Ingredients: water – 200ml, rose – 20g, lemon juice – 5g, honey – 15g….

Cooking method:

In an enamel bowl to fill the crushed dried rose hips, pour boiling water and cook for 10 minutes under the lid, brew, then add lemon juice and honey.

Tea made from chamomile

Well reduces inflammation, relieves insomnia and calms the nervous system of chamomile tea. This flower inhibits enzymes in the body that contribute to the development of diabetes complications, chamomile tea lowers blood sugar. It has also recently been proved that it inhibits the growth of cancerous tumors. Doctors believe that the body can positively affect two cups of chamomile tea per day.

Ingredients: black tea – 1ch.l., chamomile flowers – 1ch.l., mint – 1ch.l. water – 1,5st.

Cooking method:

The kettle to fill all the ingredients, pour boiling water for 10 minutes under the lid to press. Drain, put the honey to taste.

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